Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer break!!

Last day of lessons treat - Bruster's Ice Cream!!

Last Friday, the Black Pearl academy wrapped up the third trimester of lessons and today is officially the first day of our summer break! As I type this it is 9:24 AM and none of the children are out of bed yet! LOL I am glad they are getting to rest and relax, and it feels good for me, too (though I did get up to run this morning but an hour later than usual and I didn't have to rush over to the pool so we could get over to glee club by 11:00!).

I promised my husband (and myself) that I would not think about anything relating to home school for 2 full weeks. Well, actually, he wanted me to take much longer than that, but I do have to make decisions about next school year and order materials! LOL But for the next 2 weeks I am going to try to be "mom" and enjoy my kids. Actually, I'm really hoping to do more of that this whole summer. This school year was really challenging and I found myself so drained at the end of every day that I didn't have any energy left to be "mom". And I found myself wishing they were in school so I could be the fun mom they come home to and we could all enjoy being around each other again. But there has to be a way to realize that without sending them away all day.

This week will not be conducive to making that happen, however! LOL It's that crazy week each school year where all of the activities culminate in dance recitals and end of the year concerts and stuff. This year all of the activities are going right up to the recital because we lost a week due to the snow storms in January. Also this week, Blue October is in concert in town and I certainly can't miss that! And finally, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is premiering and I can't miss that, either! And it's also the peak training week for the triathlon! So, you can see, we'll be running around like crazy! But next week we'll start to settle into a nice relaxing summer.

We will still do Sun and Fun for 4 weeks this year - from the middle of June until the middle of July. Our lessons will resume in early August to make way for the guys fishing trip in early September and the girls Disney trip in late September! :)

So you see how badly I need these weeks of rest and mental relaxation?? As much as I would like to get a head start on planning, I really need to live life outside of school for a few weeks. So no visits to the Well-Trained Mind boards, or to the Ambleside yahoo groups, or to! Just time to be a regular mom!! :)

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Barbara said...

Hurrah for summer break! Due to a crazy year, we just finished our school year, but that's okay. For some reason, two days after the end of schoolwork felt like the perfect time to dust off my blog and visit my old favorites -- and so I'm here, reading to catch up on what's up with you! If you'd like to take a look at mine, I moved from Homeschoolblogger to

BarbaraL in OK