Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yes, I'm still here!

Have you noticed a pattern with my blog? When I'm feeling incompetent and stressed I tend to post less?? LOL

High School continues to weigh heavily on my mind.

We are wrapping up the end of our school year and I'm reflecting on all that we accomplished and the things I wish we had done better with - unfortunately, it always seems to be the things that are the most important, like narration!! @@ I hate it when that happens!!

I think we're all pretty well burned out on this year. Reece starts every day by telling me how much she hates school and how she wishes she never had to do it. That absolutely break my heart. To those who might suggest a break... we just had spring break the week before last! LOL

We will have a month off (from the middle of may to the middle of June) before we start our Sun and Fun this year. I am going to use that time to finalize my decisions and purchase curriculum so I can take the middle of June-middle of July off before my planning period comes at the end of July! I think my brain could really use some downtime this year.

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