Friday, April 22, 2011

We're almost there!

We have just 3 weeks until the end of our school year! For the first time - EVER - we are on target to finish up in May! In fact, Reece has already wrapped up history, and she will be finishing literature next week. She has 2 more books to read, and geography and science. (Skill subjects like math and writing aren't "finished" as I just move on to the next book whenever she finishes one up.)

I'm really pleased with how well we have managed to stay on track this year, though I have to admit that Austin's broken foot had a large part in that. Since he couldn't get around, we didn't go on any field trips, which meant we stayed home and did our lessons! LOL

As I mentioned in my last post, we all have a great deal of spring fever going on... but seeing those assignment sheets and knowing we're nearing the end helps all of us to keep pressing forward!

And I've decided to put off planning for next year until I have a clear mind and some mental space available to really think clearly. I believe that if I try to do too much in the way of planning right now I will end up making poor decisions. So I will refocus in late May! :) Or maybe early June, after my triathlon!

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