Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rock ON!

Austin's band had another gig the weekend before last, at the same venue. My mom paid for a professional photographer to come and take some good pictures, since she couldn't be there. The pictures turned out fantastic! I thought I'd share a few here:

The guys have 2 more gigs on the books for April, including a Battle of the Bands! They are currently working on their "summer tour schedule" which includes the metro Atlanta area (since none of them can drive on their own yet! LOL). Austin is getting a lot of good feedback on his drumming ability, and he's getting some experience in dealing with being out around lots of people. We're seeing a renewed sense of confidence, and he is wanting to get out more often - he even went to church last night which is something he hasn't done this school year, since Riley joined the youth group. My husband said he saw them actually hanging out together, along with other kids from the youth group who were waiting for their parents to finish up praise band practice!

Baseball practice also resumed last weekend, and Austin has a way to go in his recovery. Thankfully, by the time boys are his age, if they are really good players... they are turning to the JV programs at the high schools. So the boys who are left in rec ball are the ones who may not be so good, but who really enjoy playing baseball for its own sake. I hope that means there won't be so much pressure on him this season. As for me, I'm not sure I can watch a game at all anymore - when they leave for the field I am a nervous wreck until they get home and I see that he's not injured. :(

Spring is springing here in Georgia, and the busiest time of our year has commenced!

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