Friday, March 11, 2011

RightStart Raves - Yeah, Again!!!

Just when I think I couldn't love RightStart Math more...

Today we worked on the third to last lesson in RightStart B. This lesson involved "halves" and "fourths". The set up to the lesson involved
giving Reece some tiles and tell her that Kelly has 2 rabbits. She has 8 carrots, and she wants to share the carrots equally between the rabbits. How many will each rabbit get? I told her she could use the tiles, but she said she didn't need to, "They each get four."

In RightStart style, I ask her how she figured that out. She said, "Well,
there are 8 carrots and you divi -- I mean, you think of how they could make equal groups. Since they are both even numbers, you get 4 in each group."

I told her that 'divide' was the correct word and showed her what it looked like in math symbols. Then the teacher's manual directed me to tell her that the next day, Kelly had 6 carrots, and how many would each rabbit get now? She answered, and then she said, "And
if there were an odd number of carrots, like 9, you could just cut the leftover carrot in half. And each of the rabbits could have a half a carrot too!!"

Yeah, that sound you heard was my mouth opening with a huge THUD! LOL

I am so impressed with the way RightStart has taught her how to think mathematically!! It's just SO cool! After the lesson was finished, she asked if I would teach her about percents. Since the lesson had been about halves and fourths, I decided to relate the percents to those quantities - so we discussed 100%, 50%, and 25%!

Next week she'll finish Level B and we'll move eagerly into Level C! :)

(And one quick funny thing... the lesson continued beyond 8 and 6 carrots into 2 carrots, 1 carrot, and 9 carrots. After we were done, Reece said, "Rabbits sure do eat a lot!" LOL)


Chef Penny said...

Yay Reece! SO glad that you found something to work for you! Tell her that rabbits do indeed eat a lot! lol

The Glasers said...

Love it!!! I am so excited to read your rave reviews!!!!