Sunday, March 27, 2011


On Tuesday, I met with the evaluator who performed Austin's cognitive and achievement testing last month. The purpose of this evaluation was to continue the paper trail that we began 5 years ago with neuropsych testing, and to see how far he has come.

I was utterly unprepared for the results.

Average - basically across the board. One higher, 2 lower, but basically - Average.

Why is this significant?

Because 5 years ago, the results were quite different. The results were "low average". One was average. Several were lower than low average.

But now we're looking at average. The evaluator not only thinks that Austin is capable of completing a regular high school curriculum, with enough effort. She thinks he is capable of going to college, in some shape or form.

This is a really good thing!

But now I feel like I'm starting from Square One. The things I had had in mind to use for next year no long seem like "enough". I know the math isn't "enough" because she told me it isn't. She wants me pursue a more traditional math curriculum than the Key To... program. I am going to use the Key To Algebra over the summer and into the fall as a Pre-Algebra program, as a friend of mine did this with her son and he said it was very valuable.

One measure of comfort does come from the fact that the evaluator told me that what I've been doing with Austin is working well. I think I'd like her to tattoo that to my forehead! But she also recommended the My Father's World high school program, if I would like something all laid out for me.

Lots of decisions to make now. For my perfectly average kid! ;)


Chef Penny said...

Yay for being average! That is exciting! As for changing things, I say stick with what works! Obviously what you are doing is working for Austin! Remember that!!!!

poohder said...

I agree with Penny, while the evaluators word were comforting and give you a baseline, YOU know your child and what works best for his personality, etc. She doesn't KNOW him. Trust yourself with God's guidance.

The Glasers said...

Snoopy dancing for you!!!! Way to go, Austin and Jenn!

Kellie said...

Wow -- that is wonderful news!!! I'm also liking your evaluator. I wish I could find someone like that in my area!