Thursday, February 10, 2011


Two posts in one day. Well, granted the last post wasn't truly written today, so maybe it doesn't count. But anyway, I wanted to share something that happened today. I would have loved to have put this on Facebook, but I'm not sure Austin would have appreciated it! :)

The last two days have been very rough for Austin academically. He has been in a pretty good place this school year in general - positive and hard working despite his struggles. But the last couple of days, his math in particular has caused him some grief. He's been dividing with decimals, and it isn't really complicated as near as I can tell. But the idea of "repeating decimal" just got him worked up for some reason. Then today we started working on dividing decimals by decimals and he was very gruff with me, which is just not how he's been lately. During critical thinking, he got really mad at me and told me that he wasn't going to even think about going to college anymore. I IMed my dh at work and asked him if I thought perhaps Austin was nervous about this weekend. His band has their first gig on Saturday. Maybe the pressure was making him nervous? Also, this weekend marks the beginning of the Nascar season. While that's exciting, and something Austin has been looking forward to for months, I know from experience with him that even something positive can cause him to be stressed out and uptight. And finally, he got the all-clear from the orthopedist to play baseball this coming season - which is, again, good news, but might be a lot to process at once.

I began to play detective.

And then, right after lunch, Austin came to me and apologized for his outbursts. He said he is feeling overwhelmed, and a little frustrated, but he was sorry that he took it out on me. He said he hoped I would forgive him.

Wow! That was so cool! What a delightful display of emotional maturity. Sure, he may have had some trouble keeping regulated, but who doesn't at times? But to have the humility to come to me and apologize, recognizing that I was upset with our earlier interactions, and also to have the self-awareness to know what he was feeling - I couldn't be more pleased with how he handled himself.


Kellie said...

I read your previous post earlier in the day, but didn't have time to comment, so I'll just combine my comments. First of all, I am so amazed your son came to apologize. I would be surprised if my 13 yo daughter did that, and she doesn't have autism. So I hope you are feeling better about things now -- perhaps that was a message from God that through His grace you're doing great as a parent and Austin's developing into a fine young man. : ) I hope my son will be there someday.

Second, please don't be too hard on yourself. I've been reading your blog long enough to know that you are doing an excellent job as a homeschool mom. Could it be that the pressure of high school is getting to you just like the band gig, Nascar, and baseball did for Austin? I know it's been on your mind for a while, so maybe that's why homeschooling doesn't seem fun anymore. I pray the consultant will have some great advice and you can peace about the future.

Whew! Sorry for such a long comment!

The Glasers said...

Way to go, Austin! My NT son was a lot older than Austin when he was able to reflect and apologize for outbursts . . .

poohder said...

Way to go Austin, that's such a mature thing to do.

Chef Penny said...

And that my dear girl is why you do it! Amazing job, Austin and mom! Character training is just as important as academic trainging. You are doing an awesome job with both! Thanks for sharing!