Monday, February 14, 2011

Flexible Thinking

I started this post yesterday but just go around to adding the pictures! :)

Reece has always loved Legos. But she never had any interest in building according to the directions. She would open a box of Legos, dump out all the packages, and make her own creations. Not a big deal - I was just thrilled that I finally had a child who likes Legos! :)

A couple of weeks ago, she opened up a box of Legos from Christmas - a little car. But this time, she sat down with the instruction booklet and went to work! I asked if she needed help, but she declined. In a little while, she had built the car!

Let me just say that the fact that she can follow those instructions at all amazes me. If you've never used a Lego instruction book let me tell you, it is HARD. There are no written instructions. You are shown the number of a certain piece that you need and then there is a picture of what it should look like when you have placed those pieces. It was completely mind-boggling for me. Riley and I worked on the Harry Potter Hogwarts castle kit a few years ago and it took us forever because neither of us could figure out the diagram!

Yesterday, Reece decided to get out the house kit that she had received for Christmas. "I want to build the house." Yikes. This is one of the kits that she had opened and dumped to make a creation of her own. I had done my best to put the pieces in a baggie, but she had opened another kit at the same time and I wasn't sure if I had gotten the pieces into the correct baggies. I told her as much, and that it would probably take a very long time (using Hogwarts as my reference point LOL). She was fine with it.

6 hours later... she was finished! At one point, she asked if construction workers ever took breaks. I assured her that they did break to eat and to rest their brains. So she took a couple of breaks in that time, but not many. She proudly showed me her creation!

What she also wanted to share was how she had to "improvise". She couldn't find a couple of the necessary pieces. She told me, "At first, it made me mad. Then I took some deep breaths, and I decided to improvise." She looked in our big lego bin first to see if she could find the correct pieces, and when that didn't work she used similar pieces in a different color. Even with the improvisation, it looked fabulous!


Gavin Bollard said...

That's some seriously mature thinking - improvisation. Well done Reece!

poohder said...

Oh Jennifer, that is seriously connected thinking, this is such a wonderful glimpse into the future.

The Glasers said...

Wow!!!! Reece may very well be an engineer some day . . . :-)