Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A touching scene

Sunday evening, Riley was away at a sleepover. My dh and I were watching his Christmas present: the first season of NCIS! Austin likes to sit in and watch with us sometimes, and that night was no exception! But since he is not so little anymore, he can often block our view, and we have to use my ever-so-wise father's favorite line, "You make a better door than you do a window!" He was aggravated and didn't know where to sit. I suggested the floor, and he plopped down and grumbled, "But it's cold down here." Reece walked out of the room and actually I didn't realize that she had walked out until she walked back in.

Carrying a blanket.

She covered Austin up and gave him a hug! And he let her! He even told her how nice she was! And that made her so happy, she went back to her room and brought back a pillow, and some stuffed animals, and her unicorn pillow pet! She put these all around Austin and hugged him! :) He hugged her back and told her thank you! (I would have taken pictures but the blanket and pillow had Tinkerbell on them and I didn't think he'd appreciate a pic of him covered in Tink and a Unicorn Pillow Pet floating around on the internet! LOL)

It was so totally cool! After Reece went to bed we talked to Austin about how exciting that was, what Reece had done. She heard him expressing a feeling of discomfort to us, and she took it upon herself to fix it! And we told him how awesome it was that he let her do that for him, even though he didn't really want to be covered in Tinkerbell and unicorns! How that was going to stick in her head and in her heart, and it would help her grow. We told him he was doing RDI and didn't even realize it! ;)

I love it when these moments happen... they fill me with such hope!


The Glasers said...

You can't use our line . . . "You may be a Glaser, but you aren't made of glass!" (Glaser means glass maker in German.)

What a sweet scene! I think that's the sort of thing Mary treasured in her heart! :-)

poohder said...

What a lovely blessing. Btw, our family uses that line too.