Thursday, January 13, 2011

More praise for Right Start Mathematics

I hope you're not getting tired of hearing how pleased I am about using Right Start Mathematics with Reece! I was concerned that she was going to have trouble jumping back into it after a long Christmas break, but I decided to start right where we left off and use games and review to get her back up to pace if it was necessary. But it wasn't necessary at all! We are finishing up the 2nd week of lessons after Christmas and Reece is doing absolutely wonderful with her math! She's even had a really nasty cold this week, but it hasn't affected her ability or her perseverance.

The only way I can account for this success is that the methods that she learned through RS actually stuck. She didn't memorize shortcuts and she didn't memorize meaningless processes! She truly internalized her math. In fact, when she was solving a problem in the oral review art of the lesson and I asked her how she got that answer (which is very, very common with RS), she had actually solved it in a completely different way than any of the methods she learned. It showed me that RS has allowed her to truly understand numbers and be comfortable working with them.

The problem, by the way, was something like 74+74. Right start teaches to add the tens to the first number so you have 144, then add the 4 for 148. Well, Reece explained that she did 40+40 which was 80, and then she added the 30+30 (left over from breaking up the 70 into the 40s) for 60 and 80 plus 60 is 140, and 4 and 4 are 8, so 148. Yes, it was more complicated, but it got her the correct answer! Remarkable!! I wish I could explain this better so you can see it! 6 months ago this child could not remember that 5+3 equals 8, and when she finally figured it out (using the MUS blocks usually), she could not comprehend that 3+5 also equaled 8. I know that development can account for a lot, but I can't help but give much of the credit to RS.

I am so pleased with her progress that I am planning to use the Right Start Geometry program with Riley next year as part of her "Pre-Algebra" year! I have been following along with my friend Tammy as she blogs her daughter's progress using RS Geometry and I really think Riley will enjoy the hands-on aspect of the program, as well as the Geometry focus while reviewing fractions, decimals, and percents before we move into Algebra. (She will also be finishing the Singapore Primary Math curriculum which she will alternate with Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra).

I continue to regret not starting this program sooner for Reece. And boy I wish it had been around for Austin!! But there's no sense in crying over spilt milk, right? Or spilt tears over math? LOL Reece has about 20 lessons left until she's finished with Level B. I already have Level C which I found at a curriculum sale last spring! :)

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The Glasers said...

Way to go, Reece!!!

No, I am not tired!!! I'm delighted. I'm full of envy that this did not exist when Pamela was Reece's age. Keep preaching it sister!

The biggest problem for Pamela and RightStart is that some things I know they covered in the early years are entirely NEW to Pamela. I have been doing extra work with her to get her up to speed and it tends to be vocabulary like symmetry, which she also cemetary, classification of triangles, etc. I think if she had spent her elementary years doing RightStart, we would not be doing the extra work right now.