Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Can't NaNoWriMo be in February?

NaNoWriMo is proceeding fairly well for it being in the month of November. I had mentioned before that this particular November was going to be incredibly busy, and that hasn't been an understatement. In fact, more things have been added to our calendars as the month has progressed. It would be very helpful if they could move the entire event to February!

The kids are behind on their word counts, which is frustrating for me, and rather disappointing. They started off last week very excited, and then it just petered off. It was their idea to participate, and if they don't start putting forth the required effort, we simply won't do it next year. This project takes the place of their language arts for the month, and I'm not going to have it be an excuse to just take a lazy way out and do nothing.

I'm ahead on my word count, only because I know that I will have a few days next week where my chances of getting any writing done are slim. I was hoping to pad my count so I wouldn't be stressed about it later. Also, my rewards for making my goals are entry fees into two races coming up, so that gives me extra motivation to get done. (Wish my kids felt their rewards were enough to keep them going... especially since I already purchased a couple of those things. I guess they can go in their Christmas stockings if they don't meet their goals for writing).

Hopefully we'll all get some good writing done today... I had thought we had nothing to do today, but of course, a quick glance at the calendar revealed that I was wrong! LOL

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poohder said...

Sorry you're so busy! I hear ya. February is usually a pretty slow month for us too.

**I guess they can go in their Christmas stockings if they don't meet their goals for writing**

Way to stick to your guns. If our kids don't learn that people mean business now, it'll cripple them in the future. Besides, it's easier to learn about the consequences in life while the stakes are fairly small. Rhonda