Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All those dead people

In our continuing love of RightStart Mathematics, we have been moving forward in the lessons in Level B quite easily. I appreciate how geometry concepts are integrated into lessons involving arithmetic, as I feel they work different parts of the brain. Recently, we started learning about lines of symmetry. Every time I'd say "line of symmetry" to Reece she would reply with "All those dead people". I just ignored it, assuming it was one of her verbal stims she does now and then - where she repeats a line or two from something she has seen or heard.

Yesterday while we were waiting for Riley to finish up at her Glee Club practice, Reece wanted to draw. I gave her paper and a pencil and she came back with a rectangle, divided by a line of symmetry, and all over the line were little tombstones. She said, "Here is the line of symmetry... and there are the dead people."

Suddenly it dawned on me... cemetery!!! She was mistaking symmetry for cemetery! Poor girl, I bet she had felt like her beloved math had taken a much darker turn! LOL

Anyway, I explained the difference, and now she thinks she is quite clever talking! She even wrote "Line of Symmetry ... all those dead people" on her picture! :)


Luke said...

[smile] Often the madness of others is nothing more than our inability to recognize their confusion.


Niffercoo said...

You got that right, Luke! :)

The Glasers said...

Too funny! I bet you were relieved to learn it was a problem with homophones rather than a sudden development of the sixth sense!