Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A sad farewell to Heidi

Today marked a sad occasion at the Black Pearl Academy: we finished reading Heidi. Yet again I find myself wondering why I never read this book as a child! It was so touching and so lovely! Reece actually didn't want to start the chapter today because she didn't want it to end! She says she doesn't think any other book will be as wonderful as Heidi!

I have to include another quotation or two, similar to the last one I blogged about, but really meaningful to me. Heidi and Clara are in their beds, trying to go to sleep after the exciting day where Clara takes her first steps. Heidi again talks about how wonderful it is that God doesn't always give us what we are asking for right away.

"Clara considered this, and then she said, 'But in that case, perhaps we ought not to pray for anything, because God knows - as we don't - what is best for us.'

'I don't think that's quite right either,' Heidi replied quickly. 'We ought to pray to Him every day to show our trust, and that we know that everything comes from God. If we forget Him, then sometimes He lets us go our own way, and then things go very wrong with us.'"

Wowsa!!! And this is a children's book??? Talk about convicting!

So next week we move on to The Secret Garden, another book I've never read. Riley read it several years ago - but I just gave it to her to read, because I was busy with OT/ST with the other kids. It's nice to have an excuse to read it aloud! :)


poohder said...

Jennifer, I think we'd like to read this next. Can you give me a link to the one you read? I can't seem to figure out which ones are
a Retold version and which ones are UN abridged. I'd love an original version with illustrations if that's possible. Rhonda

Niffercoo said...

Rhonda, I found our version at Borders. It's a Puffin Classics, ISBN #0-14036-679-2. This book I actually went to the book store to check because of the notation on the Ambleside website to make sure you got the version with the hymns. This version is translated by Eileen Hall, and has a very few illustrations. Hope this helps! :)

Sadie said...

I remember that scene! Loved that book. :)