Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010: Inner Editors

It's hard to believe it, but NaNoWriMo begins in less than two weeks! I had decided that we weren't going to participate this year, since we really have too much going on, but the kids were rather upset when I mentioned it - even Austin. Since the reaction was so intense, I decided we needed to attempt it, at least.

This week and next week we'll be doing our preparation work using the free workbooks on the NaNoWriMo Young Writer's Program website. These workbooks are a really great way to discuss the important parts of a novel and how to approach writing one. We really used them in-depth last year and I know it helped the kids so much! I'm going to use them myself this year to flesh out the idea that I'll be writing, since it came to me last year as a dream and I only wrote down what I saw at the time.

I'm truly not certain that I'll be able to complete a novel this year. I am running two half-marathons this month, plus a 5K, plus Harry Potter 7 at midnight, plus a Christmas Shopping Day with my mom, plus a day out with my book club! That doesn't leave very much time for writing! LOL But I'll give it my best shot! :)

Today we sent our Inner Editors packing, and tomorrow we'll decide on our word counts and incentives!

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Lisa said...

You can do it! (If I can, right?)

I haven't started prep work. We are more a "jump right in" kind of family. Though maybe we will spend some time the last week of the month talking about the concepts covered in the workbooks.