Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Pop goes the ankle"

The title of this post is courtesy of Reece, who has been singing this since Saturday...

I need to rant and rave and pout and cry here, because I can't anywhere else. It's OK to skip this. I just need to get it out, and I can't because I have to keep an even keel and be strong for my son.

Dduring his game on Saturday, Austin stole third base... as he slid in, something bad happened, and he cried out in pain. He came home and we did ice, compression, etc. Yesterday I took him to the pediatrician's office, and they wanted him to go to the orthopedist today. He already sees an ortho because he has "hemihypertrophy" (one side of his body is bigger than the other, which causes him to have scoliosis). So we go see the doc this morning, and have x-rays, and it's BROKEN. The tibia is broken at the bottom. And not only is it broken, but he has to have surgery to put a screw in it so it will heal properly. He will be in a cast for 6 weeks, and then a boot for 8-10 more weeks. Baseball season is over.

It's just NOT FAIR. Baseball is his life. It's all he does, and he's REALLY good. On the field, he is just like everyone else. He struggles academically, he struggles socially - baseball is the great equalizer for him. He plays twice a year: spring and fall. Now this fall? Gone.

He also is a drummer. He's really good at it, too, and has started going to gigs with his musician father, and was asked to be in the youth praise band at church. Well, drummers need their feet, right? So that's gone, too.

Austin paces to calm down. Sometimes when he's really worked up he almost bounces, and we call it Gazelling. So now that's gone, too. His main way to self-regulate.

It's NOT FAIR. Not fair one little bit. I know life isn't fair, but what else does this kid have to go through? Asperger's wasn't enough... he had to have seizures. Seizures are under control now... he's been weaning off his meds for the last 3 months, with the last dose on Thursday of all days. I was going to let him start riding his bike up to the convenience store on his own. Can't do that now. Not for 3 months anyway.

I can't say any of this out loud, or even vent it on FB since he's on FB, too. I have to be cool, calm, and collected so he doesn't get upset. He's such a nice kid... why does everything have to be so hard for him??



Sadie said...

{{{{big huge hugs for both of you}}}}

The Glasers said...

So sorry about the blown season!!!!!

Kellie said...

I'm so sorry! It does seem very unfair, but my only guess is that God is going to use this time to grow him in other areas. You're both in my prayers.

Niffercoo said...

Thanks, Sadie, and Tammy. And Kellie, I know you're right. I really do... and esp. in light of the "Heidi" post of a few days ago. I'm just ready to see the "Ahhh, so this is why God allowed this!" :)

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry that you and Austin have to deal with this. But God works ALL THINGS even this for good to them who love him and who are called according to His purpose. So, even though it's not fun or fair, it will have a silver lining. God says so. Love you all!