Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Popping in for a brief update!

So far, the beginning of our school year has been a little crazy! Last week what was supposed to be our first full week of school ended up with Mom being so sick she couldn't even get out of bed Tuesday and Wednesday! Add to that all of our outside classes and sports starting, plus mom wrapping up her half-marathon training, and you have sheer chaos!

But there have been bright spots amid the craziness! :)

The most important bright spot is that the kids are getting themselves up and ready for lessons to begin. They are getting dressed and eating breakfast, and Austin is even showering in the morning because it helps to wake him up. I've noticed this week they have been waking up later and later (except for Reece, but that's another matter), but we are still getting started on time!

Riley's glee club and musical theater classes on Monday are nice and she enjoys them, but it's very hard on Reece. We are gone for 5 hours, 1.5 spent in travel, 2 spent for Riley to do her classes, and another 1.5 spent eating lunch. I am doing lessons with her during the waiting time, and we got permission to use a quiet area of the building away from the main waiting room, so it is quiet. But it's still being out for 5 hours which is hard for her. She hasn't slept well since Sunday night, and I think the business is part of it. She was also very argumentative and cranky during lessons yesterday. I am praying that everything will moderate as she gets used to this new schedule.

I already dumped a curriculum for Austin. I was using Vocabulary Vine, which bills itself as a spiral study of the most-used Latin and Greek roots. But the method is a bit contrived, and when they defined "enthusiasm" as "a god inside" because of the roots it is derived from, I threw up my hands. I'm trying to help broaden Austin's vocabulary. That is absolutely meaningless and is therefore a waste of time. I've got to regroup on that plan. Maybe we'll use Spelling Wisdom for dication and copywork, and discuss it and use that as a jumping off point for vocabulary. I'm not sure yet.

Which leads me to my last point. I'm totally in over my head. I can't keep up with all the readings. I do fine with Reece's because I'm reading most of them to her. And I do well with fine arts because I read most of that aloud, too. Same with Plutarch, which is pretty much over everyone's head and we're using the children's version. LOL But I haven't found my groove yet on the other stuff. I'm lucky that I am familiar with Riley's book and I have the Activity Guide for Story of the World to help me. I'm not panicking yet, because I know it's still early... and I've got the half marathon and our beach trip looming over me. It's not a fair test of my abilities when I'm being pulled in a hundred different directions. I'm going to try to be patient with myself and re-evaluate in October.

All in all, things are starting out nicely!


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at the Dynamic Literacy vocabulary program? I have no idea if it would be a good fit for Austin, but it sure looks interesting!

poohder said...

We used Abecedarian Level C for Latin root words, and are using Level D this year for Greek roots.
But I would probably call the man Michael Bend at Abecedarian and talk to him to see if you can use level C and D without being familiar with levels A and B. They are rather simple and effective and incorporate dictation which I think is good.

The Glasers said...

I know what you mean about being in over your head. I think Pamela and I can do this but too much other things have conspired against me. Still, we are only one day off the plan because we are having company tonight and someone had to vacuum and dust and organize . . . We can catch up if we do one or two extra things a day and then do an hour or two on Labor Day.