Friday, July 30, 2010

Too much?

I've got all the books for this coming school year divided neatly into terms, and those terms divided neatly into weeks - to give us a workload that is broken up fairly evenly.

But when I look at it all, it seems like there is so much I want to accomplish. I wonder if it's too much. And if so, what do I drop? Everything seems so important! LOL

I guess there's not much to do except to jump into it and see how it goes.

Now my next step is to determine what sort out output to require and how much of it. I know that this year Austin will do 3 written narrations per week, and Riley will do two. I also know that I want them both to do a time line of some sort, and I would really like to get a better grasp on a Book of Centuries. I really do not understand the nuances of the latter. The time line seems easy enough, and I found a template that I really, really love here. Scroll down to the end of the post for the links to the template. But Lindafay (the author of that site, formerly known as Higher Up and Further In) describes that as a book of centuries. Maybe they are the same thing?

As I mentioned in a previous post, determining how much to expect in terms of output is quite a challenge for me. I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to handle it, but I do plan to talk to Austin especially about his expectations for himself when it comes to his narrations. I think he knows he can do a little more than he has been doing. But since we spent so much time learning summaries as narrations (which is the WTM/classical way) he may be thinking that 4-5 sentences is all that I am wanting, since that's what we did before. I also really want to stay on top of the oral narrations, and create a better dialogue with those. I've been too afraid to say much during narrations because of the admonition in CM circles to not interrupt or lecture, etc. But I am reading this book called Deconstructing Penguins about how to talk about books with kids, and I think it will provide a happy middle ground!

I have made good progress in planning this week but I'm still feeling overwhelmed and unprepared. I'll be taking some of the first term books with me next week to read during jury duty so maybe that will help my confidence, once I start into the books!

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The Glasers said...

I should be posting my plans for the term and year and I feel the same way, "Is it too much?" I made a rough generic schedule and calculated the amount of time per subject. If we get bogged down, books from the subjects that seem overloaded. I'm an optimist, but I plan for the worst and hope for the best! LOL

Love the timeline link. I am making one and was trying to figure out how to do the spread. I won't have mine with categories though. I'd rather Pamela put what she knows and hopefully it won't be "they had no internet, no computer, no electricity, no cars" on every page . . .