Tuesday, July 06, 2010

That was easy!

Yesterday I finally broke the news to Reece about her BFF moving away. She took it much better than I expected! I had been waiting for a "good time" to tell her. Last week didn't work because of art camp, and I didn't want her perserverating over it during camp. Then my mom was here over the weekend for Austin's "Nana Birthday" and to watch Reece on Sunday morning while I ran in a 4th of July race. That was a lot of commotion to process right after camp, plus she doesn't sleep well while my mom is here. Then yesterday was no better because she was out of sorts all day for some reason.

But I was running out of time. We would be seeing her BFF in the evening while the big sisters had a dance class together!

Finally, about an hour before we had to leave I just called her to me and told her that we needed to talk. I told her it was sad news, but that she was old enough to be told about things so she could have time to accept them. Then I asked her to think about Lake Superior - she loves Lake Superior from our study of Paddle-to-the-Sea. I asked her if she remembered a state near Lake Superior called Minnesota and she said yes.

Then I said that her BFF and their family was moving to that state. Big tears filled her eyes. She asked me why and I said that their daddy got a job there. But that we should be happy for them because they will be back near their grandparents again! And we can write letters to them and be pen pals.

She cried for just a few minutes and said that she wasn't happy about it, and I agreed that I wasn't happy, either. And I hugged her, and said that we needed to get ready to go play with her friend in just a little while. And she was OK.

On the way to the dance studio she asked me if I could bring a camera to take a picture of her with her BFF so she can keep it in her room. What a great idea! I'll bring my camera next week, and then I can print out a picture of the two girls together, stick it in a frame, and Reece can give it to her to take with her - and Reece can have a copy at home. Reece also wants to have her over for a playdate. They live really far from our house, but maybe we can arrange that... or their mom suggested a playdate at their house (which is larger and has more room to play than ours does! LOL). But they are very busy in the next couple of weeks trying to get everything ready to go, and flying up to find a new house.

I'm not sure if it went well because she doesn't really understand what's going on, or if she is just accepting it. Regardless, it wasn't as bad telling her as I was afraid it would be! :)

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The Glasers said...

Yipee! I know how you feel. Pamela has done a lot of mental processing on death (her great grandparents). I had to tell her this week about her great uncle being ill with cancer. She said he'd get better. I told her that he would not get better. She asked, "Will he pass?" I answered in the affirmative, adding that he will go to heaven. She was okay with it. Whew! We don't see him very often but we might be spending more time to help out his wife and extended family in the coming year.