Thursday, July 08, 2010

Right Start B: Lessons 8 & 9

Lesson 8 was supposed to take 2-3 days, but we only spent about 5 minutes on it. I'm wondering if that is because she is older and has math experience. I certainly hope it's not something where I'm missing the point of the lesson and it will come back to bite me later. I'm looking at the objectives for the lessons and she seems to understand it all already - translating between written symbols and other representations of quantities. There are a couple of card games for reading quantities, and we can play those anytime we need to. She seems to be very good at reading the quantities, though. But we all love playing games together so that will be fun regardless.

So we moved on to Lesson 9 which is partitioning numbers. This is also something she has experience with through the Singapore Math program's Number Bonds (even though she didn't use the workbooks for long, she plays the CDrom which explores this concept with a game called "Super Number Cruncher"). She enjoyed it quite a bit, and understood it easily... filling in new partitions without even needing to work them out with the tally sticks first. And she was disappointed that we didn't use the abacus today! :)

I've decided to go with the RightStart program for Reece for this coming year. She seems to enjoy it, and it is not overly time-intensive. The price factor is a concern, but I'm bidding on the Level B materials on ebay and I bought an abacus and some of the card games from the WTM boards. And then I have the Level C materials for the next year. I figure I can at least go that far and see how it works!


The Glasers said...

I gave up searching for RightStart Intermediate. Fortunately, I got reimbursed for travel expenses for the curriculum thingie I've been doing and that left me with $3 to spare after placing the order!

I am so excited for you that this is working out.

BTW, while David did well on the ACT language arts, his math score was less than desirable (not a surprise). His issue is reasoning for his mechanics are fine. So, I'm having him go through the reasoning problems from Jacob's Algebra (two lessons a day).

He likes it much more than MUS. He told me it makes him think and the problems are more interesting than MUS. Of course, it should be easier since he knows how to do the operations, he just doesn't know what to do word problems.

Niffercoo said...

Tammy, David may be too young for this series, but I'm going to try it out for Austin. It's called "Understanding and Solving Word Problems". Here is a link to it on CBD ( ) I think there are 8 levels altogether. I need to look at samples to decide on the proper level for Austin. I have and use the Challenging Word Problems series from Singapore Math but this series seems to me more step by step, which is what he needs.