Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Right Start B: Lessons 6 & 7

While I was going over the lesson this morning before teaching it to Reece, I realized that Lesson 6 and 7 were going to be fairly easy for her. I decided to attempt to combine them. I figured if I saw signs of a problem, I'd stop and pick up where we left off tomorrow.

But she had no troubles at all. Today's concepts were the quantities of 9 and 10, building 'stairs' on the abacus and discussing ordinal numbers, and the concepts of more and less.

Two things I thought were very interesting: First was the instruction to encourage the child to guess (when asking them how they thought a 10 would be shown with the tally sticks - which she got with no problem), and second, the instruction to pause for 3 seconds after turning the abacus upside down and noticing that the 'stairs' were different. Both of those things felt very "RDI-ish" to me, and I had made a mental note to allow our typical 30-40 seconds of processing rather than 3 seconds.

A funny thing about turning the abacus upside down: she did not like that ONE BIT! LOL I asked the question about what was different about the stairs, and she said, "Why don't we just turn it back the way it's supposed to go, ok?" in a very sweet teacher-ish sort of voice. I said, "I think the stairs look neat and different this way. Let's look at them for a bit longer." Then I did the pause, and prompted finally. She did say that they looked different, finally, though she didn't seem happy about it at all! It cracked me up! She did acknowledge that there were no beads on the top wire and we talked about the quantity of zero, which she already knew about.

And she was happy to turn the abacus back around when we were done with the lessons! ;) A few years ago, the upside-down abacus would have prompted a meltdown! And that reminds me, the last two days I've used the frog manipulatives for the lessons and she hasn't insisted they be in rainbow order! She did try to get me to use only the purple, but I told her that I thought using the same color all the time was terribly boring. LOL That's encouraging as well!

Tomorrow we begin using place value cards!


The Glasers said...

Wow! I am really enjoying reading about Reece and RightStart. Some of it sounds very RDIish. Nature study is that way too. We found some blue-green teeny, tiny balls on one of the flowers in the butterfly garden. I knew they were eggs but didn't want to rob her of the joy of figuring out for herself. After we pondered, I got one of our books on butterflies. I turned to the page with a picture of the life cycle and all of a sudden she smiled and shouted, "Eggs!" It was so fun seeing the light bulb go off!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

fun fun... i am thinking of doing level C. still pondering... i have to pull out B. that is where i got lost w/ the abacus.. it does have an rdi feel.