Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 5

I was apprehensive about today's lesson, since we haven't done math in a week and a half, and Reece has had a pretty rough week. My expectations were such that if new material could not be taught today, we would at least play around with tally sticks, fingers, and the abacus to review what we had done before.

I was very pleased with how much she has retained. I did have to remind her during her first try with the tally sticks to not count them, but to see the quantity in her head and set them up that way. And I also had to remind her when we used the abacus for the first time. But I don't think that's all that unusual.

Today's quantity was 8, and it went very well. We also did a new thing where I set up quantities behind a folder and removed the folder for a second or two for her to see it quickly - basically where she wouldn't have time to count. I was afraid this would tip her frustration, but it didn't. She was able to tell the quantities easily!

The next part was a bit harder. They do something called "taps" which is to hear quantities auditorily. I knew this would be harder with her auditory processing challenges. But they work them in patterns where it's tap-tap-tap-tap-TAP so that 5 is easily identifiable. And then if you're doing more, there is a slight pause and then tap-tap, etc. Once she figured out that the louder tap was 5, it was a piece of cake!

I love it when I'm pleasantly surprised!! :)

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The Glasers said...

Smiling and Snoopy dancing! I just ordered the RightStart Intermediate for Pamela. :-)