Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 18

Another good lesson today - more work with odds and evens. It's silly, I know, but it makes me feel better when we're doing lessons like these that are new material for her. I felt bad taking her back to what is basically the beginning when she's a 3rd grader. I'm glad she is quickly learning some new stuff.

She easily understood today's lesson, which meant she wanted to take over the games and make up her own rules. LOL I told her that I needed to teach her the lesson and play the games the way they are in the book first, but if we had time later, we could try to play the games the way she wanted. It worked. ;)

The last part of the lesson was to recognize the pattern of evens and odds for 1-10, and she did that instantly, while she was laying out the cards! Then she mentioned that we are counting even numbers when we count by 2s. I reminded her that we also count by 2s starting with the number 1, so then we were counting by odd numbers. She thought that was funny!

When I mentioned we were going to play one more game (the pattern dot cards with the place value cards) she said, "Go to the Dump!" I said that that game wasn't in the plan for today. She said sadly, "Oh." So I told her after the lesson we could play Go to the Dump and she brightened up. We played 3 rounds and it is safe to say she knows all the combinations for 10 now! :)

Just two more days of Sun and Fun before we take our summer break! I believe this is the most productive summer of Sun and Fun that we've ever had!

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