Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 17

Yesterday, we continued with the games in Lesson 16 that are designed to solidify the facts that add up to 10. I decided to move on to Lesson 17 today, knowing that we could continue to play the games and work on the 10s facts.

Today's lesson was quite short, and that was good. We had a really busy weekend, followed by a crazy busy Monday, and I knew that it would be a challenging day for Sun and Fun. I declared today "Triple Sun Tuesday" in an attempt to smooth over any troubles anyone might have with their motivation! ;)

Still, Reece was a bit difficult during the new parts of the lesson. We changed up the "comes after" game to include the days of the week instead of numbers, and she flung herself on the ground. I remained neutral. After she did a couple, I invited her to say some days for me and I would tell what "comes after" but she didn't want to. That's unusual because she likes to take a turn to play the teacher role.

We worked a little on the abacus, which is usually her favorite part, but she was resistant. No problem. We did what we needed to do and moved on.

There was a new game to introduce today, but I decided to have it be a one-sided game to begin... meaning that only she would play. I didn't think there was any need to add competition when she was already on edge. She competed against herself and had fun. She did more counting that I wanted her to do, but I also wasn't going to push it much.

To wrap up, we played "Go to the Dump" which has quickly become a new favorite. Her whole demeanor changed. Had I known it would have gotten that reception, we would have begun with it instead! LOL She wanted to include Austin but he was playing the role of the cranky teenager, so we just played together. The coolest part came when I asked for a 3. She said, "Go to the dump" and then added... that means you have a 7! And grinned at me! ;) So those facts sure are getting into her, but also she may be gaining a bit of game-playing strategy!

I can't remember if I mentioned that I was able to find a used Level B Lessons and Workbook from the RightStart yahoogroup! It came yesterday, just in time for me to return my friend's materials to her tonight at book club! :) I just have a couple of manipulatives left to order, and I'll be going through the Level B book this afternoon to see how much they are required, or if I can get away with not ordering them. Then I'll be able to place my final order and be ready for planning next week!

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