Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 13

Now that I've decided to use Right Start, I wonder if I should continue with these posts. ;)

Today was the "dreaded" first money lesson. And to complicate matters even more, yesterday I received a box in the mail from a friend on the WTM message boards. She offered me her Level A materials for the cost of shipping. She said it would at least save me money on some of the manipulatives and card games. Oh, boy, did it! I am now basically able to buy the A-to-B Add on Kit! There are a couple of things I'm going to look ahead in the B manual I'm still borrowing to see if their use warrants purchase, but I'm going to end up saving about $30 at least.

But, her set came with an abacus that is much different than ours, larger and with different color beads. I really like it, but I wondered what Reece would think. I showed it to her yesterday and we got out my friend's abacus and talked about them being the mommy abacus and the baby. She said she likes the little one better, but she would say that because it's different.

So today we sit down for the lesson (she asked for math first, by the way)! And we did some review and then we started on the money. My goodness she was being ornery!! When I would ask her for the "amount" of money she would grin at me and say "3 coins" or "3 pennies" instead of "3 cents." Overall, I felt like she understood the lesson quite well. I was pleasantly surprised!

I would also like to admit that I'm pleased with myself that I'm not obsessing over the lack of daily worksheets! I was afraid that I would be! Maybe there is hope for me yet?!


poohder said...

I like to read your posts! So I vote yes for continuing.

Kai said...

I'm voting for continuing as well!

The Glasers said...

Uh, it takes a LOT of understanding to be able to tweak the teacher's nose!

I got my RS Intermediate yesterday and my fingers are so itching. Pamela LOVED getting her very own fancy calculator. It's not as sophisticated as the graphing calculator David borrowed from school, but it is a close second . . .