Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One small step...

Yesterday, I ordered the bulk of the books I need for the 2010-2011 school year. I still have to get math for Reece, but I have everything else. This was a huge step because I've been so uneasy about plans for this year. I know, that's not surprising. But this year it's been on a deeper level because it really involves trusting the Lord more than myself. There are things I want to do (keep the kids together in the same history time period), things I feel we should do (usually those things that more closely resemble a traditional school curriculum), and things that really frighten me (keeping up with all these books with all three kids).

But ultimately I figured that I don't do a good job with trusting myself anyway. And every step along the way, from even before we got the diagnoses for first Reece and then Austin, the Lord has put people in my path who use both RDI and Charlotte Mason's philosophies. I mean, I was taking local workshops about the CM methods given by a nice lady named Sonya right at the time Reece was diagnosed. It was Sonya who invited me to her home and told me about RDI. This same Sonya who would begin Simply Charlotte Mason soon afterward. Then I learned more about CM by reading Tammy Glaser's site and blog and have become online friends with her (and hopefully one day we'll get to meet if I ever get back to SC to see my parents at THEIR house LOL). Since I don't hold much stock in coincidences, the only logical explanation is that the Lord has been leading me to embrace both RDI and CM. I guess it's a good thing He knows how stubborn and incompetent I would feel about both of these areas - He placed these people in my life before I even knew how much I would need them! :)

We've been using Charlotte Mason's methods now for almost 3 years. Well, I guess it's more reasonable to say that this will be our 4th year of using CM methods. As I have learned more about her methods I've been able to implement them more effectively and change what I was previously doing. Sometimes I'm more successful at these tasks than others! LOL Everything in me wants to revert back to more traditional methods. It made it so hard to order books this year because I have been fighting within myself.

So what made the difference? Why did I decide to go ahead and order the books and take the proverbial plunge?

Jury Duty.

I got a summons last week that requires me to report the week of August 2nd. This is the deferral I received from back in March when I was supposed to have Jury Duty but begged off under the homeschooling parent clause. I was really hoping they would have forgotten about me! :( Anyway, that particular week is the second week of my planning period. We start lessons the middle of the second week of August! And we have Sun and Fun up until the third week of July, then I plan the last week of July and first week of August. Well, apparently not this summer! LOL

There's just no more time for doubting. No more time for wondering if I'm doing the right thing. No more time for worrying if I'm making huge mistakes that will cost my children their future. I just have to go with the plan and pray that it works out in the way that it's supposed to. So the books are all ordered (except math which I hope to be able to order in the next two weeks), and they should be arriving right in time to begin planning!

Since I don't really have any confidence in myself right now, it's time to go back to my verse for 2010:

But blessed are those who trust in the Lord
and have made the Lord their hope and confidence. (Jeremiah 17:7 NLT)

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The Glasers said...

I have to order five more small books that are MUSTS for day one. The rest I'll try to hold off and see if they show up used to get a good deal.

God is so good! Sonya is the one who got me started on RDI! By all means, call the next time you are in SC and we will make it work! I have a drum set and electric guitar at the house. The boys can jam!

Maybe God is working through jury duty . . . ;-P