Friday, July 23, 2010

Last day of Sun and Fun!

Our summer school time has come to an end! I really feel like this was the best summer of Sun and Fun we've ever had!! :)

Austin read for 45 minutes each day, finished Key to Fractions Book 1, finished 3/4 of Key to Fractions Book 2, studied the first 12 roots in Vocabulary Vine, listened to the rest of Story of the World Volume 3 and The Mystery of the Periodic Table.

Riley completed her Singapore Primary Mathematics 5A workbook, read for 45 minutes a day (plus she listened to countless books on CD), reviewed her Latin vocabulary, and listened to the history and science book above.

Reece completed the first 20 lessons of Right Start B, read 10 minutes per day (20 minutes for the last week as she worked to earn extra suns), listened to more of the Burgess Bird Book, and listened to as much of Riley and Austin's history and science as she cared to.

The next two weeks will be spent with some much-needed down time for the kids, and planning and prep work for me! :)

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