Thursday, June 24, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 4

Sorry this is a late update! It was a busy day today!

The lesson went much better! She wasn't resistant, either, which makes such a difference. It was downright pleasant! At first she tried to count first the tally sticks, and then the beads on the abacus, but after I reminded her that she's supposed to picture the amounts in her head, she did it with no problem. It was great to see her be able to do that!

I really wish I had written this post this morning right after the lesson. Now I can't remember much of what I wanted to write! :) I guess bottom line is that it went much better than the last two days!

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The Glasers said...


Food for thought . . . Dr. Gutstein said last night that he is definitely addressing the pre-apprentice stage of RDI AND having parents to learn a "willing apprentice" like a NT child who is cooperative to learn GPR first.

I know what you mean. The perfect blog is in my head and, by the afternoon, whoosh! Brain flush!