Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right Start B: Lesson 3

Today went a little better. I was concerned because Reece went to VBS last night which ends 30 minutes after bedtime, so we didn't even get home until an hour past bedtime. She doesn't sleep much, and usually her best sleep comes between 8-12 at night, so I am pretty protective of bedtime for her.

We started on the number/amount "6" today, and used the abacus for the first time. She was very interested in the abacus and she actually just asked to get it back out again. She has always loved patterns and colors, though, so it doesn't surprise me. This abacus has red and white beads, grouped into sets of 5.

It was a little easier for me to handle the manual today. I tried to take each section at a time, read the section and then try to talk it through with her. This means that there is a bit of down time in the lesson, but maybe that's some good processing time for her? It's so hard to get the teacher training out of my head - down time, teacher pausing - that was a negative as it interfered with the flow of the lesson.

I would like to find a good balance - there's simply too much in each lesson for me to memorize it all. Perhaps with experience I'll get better at grasping the teaching method and it will become more intuitive for me?

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Ellie said...

Enjoying reading about your experiences! Just thought of a potential problem... RS mainly does blue/gold colors for their abacus, and the one you are using is actually a junior size. Hope that won't be an issue... Maybe you can find that identical one somewhere.