Monday, June 21, 2010

Right Start B: First Lesson with Reece

I just did the first Right Start lesson with Reece and it went mostly as I expected, with one surprising thing thrown in. I thought I'd blog about the experience to help me remember as I make the decision on whether or not to purchase it. Right now I'm borrowing the set from a friend.

1. She did not like me calling the popsicle sticks "Tally Sticks". I knew that was coming! LOL I just told her that they are popsicle sticks, but when we use them for a math lesson we would call them tally sticks. Still, every time I asked her to show an amount with the tally sticks she would say, "They are popsicle sticks." I did my best to ignore that.

2. She told me she wasn't a baby. I knew that was coming also! ;) Right Start has a different approach and I needed to start at the beginning of level B, and I knew she would think the first couple of lessons were babyish. But it won't be like that for long. I told her that I didn't think she is a baby, but that I want to make sure she understands all of her math that has been tricky for her. She did not care for the "Yellow is the Sun" song, probably for the babyish factor.

3. She kept asking me why I was reading from the book. That's so funny how she picked up on that. And it pushes my buttons, too. You see, in my teacher education classes in college we were taught to NEVER, EVER read from the teacher's guide/manual. In fact, if we were being evaluated by our instructor during practicum teaching and we read from the teacher's book that was a HUGE deduction. I get very self-conscious to this day when I read from a teacher's book during a lesson! ;) You'd think after 16 years I would have gotten over it.

4. She was thrown when I rearranged a set of 3 objects. She knew the amount hadn't changed, but she said, "There isn't one here." and pointed to the middle. I had moved on to the top of the paper, rather than having them in a line. When I asked her how many there were now, she hesitated for a minute and said, "Three." but then she said, "There isn't one here." I piled all of them on top of each other and asked again and she didn't even hesitate that time. But I did think that was very interesting. It made me glad we started where we did with Right Start. I knew she had some "conservation of number" issues, but I assumed they were related to the use of the MUS blocks.

The lesson took less than 15 minutes which was good because I noticed her attention starting to fade toward the end. I'm intending to stick with time/attention with her math lessons and not with making sure the lesson gets done. It's going to be VERY hard for me to do that. Also, I need to remember next time to make sure the tinkertoys are put away, because she kept wanting to play with them! :)

It's also going to be hard for me not to have a worksheet for every day's lesson. But perhaps if I'm seeing the growth in her math understanding, that will help me get over it!

Off to start working in Key to Fractions with Austin.


Daphne said...

Yay!! It sounds like it went well!!!! That is so funny about her not wanting to call them tally sticks. I love that you "did your best to ignore her" Hilarious! I can't wait to hear more updates along the way.

The Glasers said...

It's funny how we know our own kids and we can predict the little glitches. One thing that is nice about Right Start: you go from Level A to Level E. With only five levels, you can stretch a few out. I'm going to try the Intermediate with Pamela this year.

It sounds like your lesson went really well. At least she didn't go, "Ha, ha! Just like Nelson" whenever she felt like protesting (a la the Simpsons). Okay, my sweet compliant child is turning into a brat as she becomes more self-aware. Great!