Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Good Deal?

Today I went to the last used book/curriculum sale in our area (that I'm aware of). I've been quite discouraged that I haven't found ANY of the books I need for this coming school year on the used market. I'm trying to watch money very carefully this year, as I'm sure everyone is in this economy, and I was hoping beyond hope to find a few things. I will be going to the Southeast Homeschool Expo next month, and that will be my last chance to find some good deals before I have to click "place order" at amazon.

One thing I did find today was a set for Right Start Level C - the teacher's manual and the student workbook. They look brand new, and the price was only $20! I couldn't really believe it. I bought it, even though I'm not totally sure Right Start is the answer (and even though I would need to purchase Level B if we do go with it!). But brand new those two books are in the $80-$90 range, so it was a good deal. And I can always sell it at another sale.

I also bought a couple of other things: the answer books for the Key to... series that Austin is working in, the next level of Writing Strands for Riley, and an older edition of the Wordsmith writing program. I spent $30 total, including the Right Start materials.

I used to get so excited at book/curriculum sales. Today I just felt depressed. I'm so tired of feeling like I don't know what I'm doing. I'm so tired of feeling overwhelmed. I'm so tired of doubting my decisions. I want to be excited about the new school year coming up, like I used to be! I want to feel like what I'm doing is important, productive, and effective!


Penny said...

I feel that way too, and I'm homeschooling just one. Hang in there - we'll find our footing!

The Glasers said...

The other thing I do to penny-pinch is either selling things on eBay that I know will sell (by researching the completed listings) or putting them up on Paperbackswap where I have an extensive wish list.

The Glasers said...

The reason why you ARE important, productive, and effective is because you are focused on the process of learning, not the product. You know that your children are born persons and you have designed your curriculum to respect their personhood and help them build a mind that lives in a very large room.

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

wooo hoo.. i am thinking about getting RS C. it is about process. we need to hit the 'restart/reboot' button on math

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

ooooo hoooooo...i want that also! RSC