Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekly Review: 2/8-2/12

This wasn't quite as productive a week as the previous ones! We were all pretty wiped out from the Super Bowl Party on Sunday night, so we took Monday off. Then Austin had a follow-up appointment with his orthopedist. He has hemihypertrophy - a fancy way of saying one side of his body is larger than the other. It is within acceptable limits, but the doctor wants to follow him closely during puberty, since he is going through such significant growth spurts during this time. It was a 2 hour long wait for less than 5 minutes with the doctor. How frustrating.

Here are the highlights from our crazy mixed-up week:

  • Began reading The Titanic: Lost and Found (which is always a delight for our Titanic-loving family)
  • Continued with cursive - and doing SO well, in fact, when she had to do a printed copywork she was complaining that she kept accidentally writing in cursive
  • Worked on a Making Tens math lesson which was easy since she's quite familiar with that concept
  • Listened to another story from Outdoor Secrets, and began listening to the D'aulaire Benjamin Franklin book
  • Began reading Lad, a Dog
  • Finishing up the last reviews in her math book, eager to begin the new book!
  • Still loving Jr. Analytical Grammar - go figure!!
  • Getting ready to wrap up Johnny Tremain
  • Learning about the Latin prefixes for the metric system: milli, centi, deci
  • Worked on adding suffixes to words that end in y

  • Began a new hymn - Trust and Obey (what a good one for Mom!!)
  • Finished another chapter of history that was so uninteresting that I cannot remember one thing about it to summarize... a chinese king, that's about all I got

This coming week we are going to go see Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. We listened to the entire series on CD, and we've been looking forward to the movie for a long time!


Lisa said...

Did you go see Lightning Thief already? Was it good? David listened to the audiobook, but I haven't read it yet.

オテモヤン said...
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