Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Review: 2/15-2/19

Sorry for the late update... we had quite a busy end of the week and jam-packed weekend! My parents came into town and we celebrated my mom's birthday with her! I actually managed to surprise her with her present: new pictures of the kids! We last had pictures of them taken 15 months ago, but they have changed so much. And my mom loves pictures more than anything else, so on Thursday we took the morning and went to Portrait Innovations. Here is one of the best pictures, but we really got great shots of all of the kids!
On Friday, I took the kids to see the movie for The Lightning Thief (the first book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series). While it was an enjoyable enough movie, it was so little like the book that we love so much. I certainly understand having to change a book to fit the medium of the big screen (being a Harry Potter fan and a Twilight fan has to teach you that much!). But they changed just about everything, and it wasn't necessary. Quite a bummer, but we had a good time anyway.

There was nothing big that was new with our lessons - just continuing to plug away! It's good for me though, as I am fast approaching my half marathon trip, and I'm busy thinking about and planning for it! :) The kids will end up with several days off while I'm gone, since my mom will be here to watch the kids, and then daddy has them the last day, and then I'll need a recovery day (or rather, a re-entry day, after having been at Disney World!). I'd like to wrap some things up, and maybe do a couple of fun educational things with the kids before I leave!

I'm proud of the consistent work we've done since January! This will give us some time to take off on the fast-approaching warm spring days! :)

Enjoy your homeschooling week, friends!


JamBerry said...

LOVE the picture!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photo!

Daphne said...

Thanks for reviewing The Lightning Theif. C is reading the books and the movie is already in our netflix queue. It's disappointing that it is different from the book since he is really enjoying the books.
BTW I bought some "Greek yogurt" and C said "That's the stuff Percy Jackson is always eating" ;)