Monday, February 08, 2010

Reece and Knuffle Bunny enjoy the Super Bowl

We always have a family Super Bowl party, complete with our favorite chips, candy, and sodas!! This year, Reece didn't want to leave Knuffle Bunny out!

See Knuffle Bunny's "face paint"? It's pieces of construction paper, cut to conform to her face, and taped on, since you can't actually put paint on KB because it wouldn't come out!

Also notice Knuffle Bunny's chair... made out of Tinkertoys and construction paper! It was KB's Christmas present, made by Reece!!

This girl is something else, isn't she??

(Not sure why she wears a key around her neck... she started that about 2 weeks ago when she found the key! We don't even know what it goes to! LOL)

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Sadie said...

She's so cute!

And I don't know what it is about wearing random things around their necks either, but Abbi has been running around with a crocheted length of yarn around her neck, and Sabrina was wearing an S-link from a chain - like a 2" long piece of metal, tied to a piece of string. @@