Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week in Review: 1/25-29

Highlights from our lessons:
  • Continues to do great with cursive!
  • Began reading Wagon Wheels, a story about a father and his sons who move from KY to KS
  • Math went SO well! I'm not sure what the difference is, but I'll take it! ;) She was adding and subtracting from 10-20
  • Working on volume in math
  • Still reading Robinson Crusoe
  • Wrapping up nouns in JAG
  • Began the first Latin review lesson, and she has that 1st declension nearly memorized finally!
  • Started lesson 6 in math, which introduces the prefixes for the metric system. I was incredibly impressed when he asked me to pause the DVD so he could go get a pencil and paper to take notes!
  • Took the test on Prepositional Phrases in AG and got a B
  • Still reading Johnny Tremain
  • Finishing up the last of the "be" verbs in Latin
  • Story of the World, Volume 3 - learned about Peter the Great. Look at what Reece did to the coloring sheet I gave her to color while we listened to the chapter. Look what she wrote! It completely cracked me up! (One guy yells,"Oh you broke my chair!" and the other guy is thinking a smiley face! - look carefully and you'll see that the chair is indeed broken!)
  • Bible stories, memory work, hymn study, picture study, started a book about Mozart
  • Took a field trip to the Natural History Museum


Anonymous said...

Austin wanted to take notes!?!? Wow! I'd love it if that idea occurred to my 13yo son once in a while! That's fabulous!

Niffercoo said...

Yep, and it was the 2nd time he had done it. The first time was during the Nascar press conference announcing the new changes for the 2010 season! My mom had a conference call during the news conference so she was going to have to miss it, and she asked Austin to tell her about it later. So he took notes! I didn't suggest it to him either time! I think that's pretty cool!!

The Glasers said...

Austin is WAY ahead of David. He didn't think to take notes until . . . TENTH grade!