Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals

Well, here they are, as promised - my goals for the New Year. I realize some of them are lofty (family game night??? ACK!), but I'm feeling up for a challenge!

Have a safe New Year's Eve, friends, and may the New Year be a blessed one for us all!

Edited to update the progress on my goals - last updated 5/31/10

2010 Goals

1. Physical

* Run the Princess Half Marathon in March (3/7/10)

* Bike 12 miles by end of year (4/25/10)

* Swim 10 laps (other side and back) by end of year (4/14/10 - not nonstop, will keep working on that part)

2. Financial

* Be debt free by end of February

* Have a fully funded Emergency Fund (RDF) by December (This one isn't going to happen)

* Have $500 in Christmas fund by end of November

3. Intellectual

* Complete Getting Started with Latin by the end of June and begin follow-up Latin program (this one didn't happen)

* Read and discuss all the books on the book club reading list
January - The Hound of the Baskervilles
February - Persuasion
March - Rebecca
April - The Scarlet Pimpernel
May - Northanger Abbey
June - The Old Man and the Sea
July - Gone With the Wind, Parts 1 and 2
August - Finish Gone With the Wind
September - The Great Gatsby

4. Family

* Have a family movie night at least once per month
January- Night at the Museum 2
February - G Force
March - Up!
April - Toy Story
May - Toy Story 2
June - Toy Story 3
July - Cats and Dogs
August - The Karate Kid (original)
September - Prince of Persia

* Have a family game night at least once per quarter
First Quarter - Sorry!
Second Quarter didn't happen
Third Quarter didn't happen

5. Career

* Read the entire Charlotte Mason Homeschooling series by the end of the year (I'm going to concede this one in the name of CM's mantra of slow readings! LOL)

* Read and discuss The RDI Book before the end of April (Nope, but I'm shooting for the end of June now - the last couple of chapters have been really intense)

* Read 2 more RDI-related books by the end of the year

6. Spiritual

* Complete the Horner Bible Reading System by the end of the year (not looking good)

* Complete the Living Beyond Yourself Bible Study by the end of the year (not looking good either)


poohder said...

if I could accomplish one tenth of that I would be happy LOL! Rhonda

The Glasers said...


I think the Latin goal is cool. I really should try to work through more of Cambridge Latin on my own once the project that has been consuming my time slacks off!

Your physical goals are beyone me!

Are you going to do the Beth Moore with a group?

Niffercoo said...

Tammy, I think it was Rhonda who started the online Beth Moore group. I was sort of hoping she would want to kick back into it once the summer starts! ;)

poohder said...

Nope it wasn't me, I think it was Kathy! Rhonda