Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekly Review: 10/12-16

This week was a productive one, despite many struggles inherent to home educating 2 children on the autism spectrum. The struggles might be inherent to home educating 3 children 3 years apart in age in general, but since I only know how it works with autism, I'll have to leave it at that.

Austin's coming to the end of the first chapter of his math book and it's time for review before the test. He learned a few new concepts in this chapter including square roots and the order of operations. He did fairly well on the review, but I decided to add another day of review before the test.

He also had two other tests this week: General Science, Module 2 and Analytical Grammar, Pronouns. He did MUCH better on this science test than he did on the last one. He said the study techniques and note taking I taught him really helped. Most importantly, he recognized that those techniques helped him, and that's probably the greater lesson. The grammar test didn't go as well, so I think we'll review pronouns for the rest of this month's grammar sessions.

Riley thinks that decimals are fun, but not as fun as graphs. She had to take 2 spelling tests this week because she got behind last week, but she did fine on both of them. She got 100% on her second Latin quiz though I'm not sure how since she spends most of our Latin time rolling her eyes at me and asking why she has to study Latin (the answer, for the record, is "because I think it's important and I'm the mom").

She had her first composition exercise in English and it was like pulling teeth (as was her written narration this week). It's mind-boggling because she's a very natural writer. But she makes it so much harder because she wants it to "sound right". She is reading Island of the Blue Dolphins, which I know she comprehends. Not sure why she made it so hard to narrate. She thinks written narration is a tool for torturing her. ;)

Reece finished reading Hill of Fire and began reading Frog and Toad All Year. She is getting ready to start subtraction in math, but this week while they were "playing school", Riley taught her multiple digit addition with regrouping. I'm not exactly sure how well she understood it, but Ri was explaining it quite well.

The next two weeks we will be working on getting ready to write our novels for NaNoWriMo. The girls are quite excited and have been for awhile! I am absolutely amazed at how much Reece remembers from last year's pre-writing lessons! She was talking to me this week about main characters and supporting characters, using those terms and everything! I hope Austin will get into it a story this year... being a teenager apparently makes everything dull and completely boring. ;)

I'm excited to get started on my novel this year as well, though I'm a bit more nervous. I feel so much busier than I was last year. I will have to figure out how to block out some time for writing. Last year I wrote in the wee hours of the night, but this year I get up early to run, so I'm asleep much earlier! LOL I guess I'll have to figure it out... maybe I will run after lunch again since it's getting chillier in the morning! ;)

Hope your lessons are going well! I'd love to check in with other NaNoWriMo folks, so leave me a comment if you're participating this year!

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