Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekly review : 9/7-9/14

We have had quite an adventure-filled week at the Black Pearl Academy!

Reece started learning how to ride a two-wheeler! She does pretty good, but still needs help getting started and needs to practice turning! I wish we lived in a more flat area, because going uphill is still quite a challenge for her, as it was for her siblings!
Reece's baseball season has come to and end and here she is with her trophy! She played baseball through a special populations program and it was fantastic! (You can't see on here, but her trophy has a ponytail sticking out the hat, just like hers does!!)
Austin had his first tournament for his travel baseball team, and they got trampled. Some of these boys for the other teams look like they needed to be tested for steroids or growth hormones or something! LOL
And this morning the kids began the Couch to 5K beginner running program! I'm excited to introduce them to running, as it's been so wonderful for me!
And one last little thing... I started an adult beginner ballet class, taught by Reece's dance teacher! It is SO much fun! I've never taken dance before ever, not even as a little girl! I've wanted to do this for years!! I get to wear ballet shoes! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to wear a leotard! :)

And yeah, we did some lessons in there, too!


Sadie said...

Bicycles, baseball, running, ballet... there was TIME for school?

poohder said...

Dance for you?? And running for the kids? How FUN!!! Sounds like topsy turvy week at the BPA.

The Glasers said...

Education is a life, an atmosphere, a discipline . . . I think you got that nailed, Jenn!