Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Review: 9/14-18

We had a productive week this week, which says a lot considering we had such a busy weekend. The aftermath of a busy week/weekend usually negatively affects the ability to get work done, but this week it was better.

Austin had his first science test for Apologia General Science. It did not go well. But like I told him, we learned a lot from the process. He has never learned with a textbook before (except math, which is a different kind of textbook) and we'll have to work a little more on how you learn from a textbook. That will be our first step, and then we'll see where we go from there. It could be that the readings need to be broken down even more and we need to take more than one year for this book.

I reintroduced spelling workbooks for the kids this week, and dealt with the resulting guilt. Spelling was just not getting done with studied dictation, and now it's getting done. I have continued to allot a space for dictation in our schedule, and maybe one day we can drop the workbooks. But for now, this is just how it has to get done.

I also added grammar back in for Riley, but feel no guilt about it at all. We're going through the book mostly orally which serves to serve both educational and "love language" purposes for her.

We resumed Latin and Spanish this week. Both went well for everyone!

The kids completed Week 1 of the Couch to 5K running program! So proud of them, especially considering the amount of rain we've had. Today we did our running in the drizzle!

We wrapped up the week with a field trip to see Queen Glitter do storytime at the library! Reece got all dressed up and was SO excited, as you can see in the pictures:

I was really proud of her behavior during the storytime. There were lots of kids all around her. And the program was very interactive. She raised her hand a number of times and was called on once or twice, but she was never called up to the front with Queen Glitter and BOTH of her friends were chosen. This is usually a HUGE problem in group settings. But today, she handled it all like a true princess! She didn't whine, argue, pout, or meltdown! When I spotlighted her excellent behavior, she said, "You realize this means I'm becoming a mature Christian! AND a big girl! " Cracked me up completely! ;)

You know, I just realized why it's so much better to blog on a weekly review: you get a better perspective. The day-to-day this week was a big challenge, and some days were much harder. But knowing it's over now, and we lived through it, it's easier to reflect on the good things that happened overall.


Sadie said...

Great week!! :) Way to go on the running, and I love the pix from the Glitter Queen

The Glasers said...

Jen, the first test in Apologia is very hard. Way too much memorization in my opinion! I decided to pick a lowere level book this year for Pamela and weave in the ideas from the first chapter throughout the year. Then, when we do hit General Science, she will have a known upon which to attach the unknowns.

I love the pictures of your kids running on Facebook. I am so glad Reece took to the glitter lady.

Do you think dressing the part helped Reece? We found that to be true for Pamela in her princess dress at her cousin's wedding!

Lisa said...

Love those comments from Reece! And the comment somewhere else I read about her grammar. WTG!