Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Not Missing in Action!

I haven't disappeared off the face of the Earth! What happened was the county decided that it doesn't have enough money to open the county pools at noon after public school resumes (like they have for the last umpteen years). This year was the first year I'd planned to start our lessons after Labor Day and take advantage of the nearly empty pools!

Since there won't be anything else for us to do in the August heat in Georgia, I decided to resume our lessons 3 weeks earlier... on August 17th. Which means I've had to kick everything into high gear, leaving me little time to blog, or email, or do anything much besides updating my Facebook status! :)

And today, I didn't even have time to do that because we went to Six Flags with some free passes a friend of the family gave us! We were there from 10:30 AM until 8:30 PM, plus the hour drive there and home! It all went wonderfully, and Reece was the best-behaved of the bunch! She rode her first roller coasters... including one that goes upside down!

Will update as I have time over the next 2 weeks! :)


poohder said...

What a shame about the pools. How are the kids taking to the idea of starting school early?

Sadie said...

Is it bad that I don't really notice the lack of blogging since we're on FB all the time?

Niffercoo said...

Nobody has complained at all about starting early... I'm pretty surprised! But my kids don't really know anything else but homeschooling, and they are used to starting the first week of August, so they probably think they are still getting an extra special summer by starting after the public schoolers! LOL

Niffercoo said...

Sadie, it's so much easier to just type in a blurb on a FB status than to compose a thoughtful blog. I could go on about how the state of communication in our modern world has decayed... but I won't get started! LOL