Sunday, August 16, 2009

Academic Year 2009-2010

It's been a really challenging summer. I've had to come to terms with many things over the course of the summer, and it's not been very easy. I think I can safely say this has been the most intimidating year in terms of planning. I guess we'll see next spring how the implementation went! :)

Austin - 7th grade
History - Early Modern History (using an Out-of-Print version of the Kingfisher Illustrated Encyclopedia of World History)
Grammar - Analytical Grammar
Writing - One written narration per week in Term 1, Two per week in Term 2
Spelling - Studied Dictation (using Spelling Wisdom - the key here will be in following through!)
Math - finish up MUS Epsilon, begin MUS Zeta
Science - Apologia General Science
Geography - Sailing Around the World Alone (found this book on the Simply Charlotte Mason site and it looks VERY COOL!)
Latin - Getting Started With Latin
Critical Thinking - Logic Countdown

Riley - 5th grade

History - Early Modern History (using Story of the World, Volume 3)
Grammar - Incidental learning during narrations and dictation
Writing - One written narration per week, all year
Spelling - Studied Dictation (using Spelling Wisdom - again, following through is necessary!!)
Math - Singapore Primary Math 4B & 5A, Challenging Word Problems 3
Science - Intro to Chemistry using living books and an experiments kit
Geography - Minn of the Mississippi
Latin - Latina Christiana I (first half)
Critical Thinking - Mindbenders

Reece - 2nd grade (decided to go ahead and call her 2nd instead of 1st since most of her friends will be moving up to 2nd and she is very aware of this)
History - Early Modern History (using living books)
Grammar - First Language Lessons, Level 1
Writing - Copywork, might start cursive as she's very interested
Spelling - incidental through copywork
Math - finish up Math U See Alpha, begin Beta
Science - nature studies using living books
Geography - Paddle to the Sea

Family Studies
Spanish - La Clase Divertida, Level 2
Composer Study
Hymn Study
Artist Study
Character Building
Nature Study
Scripture Memory Work, and Individual Bible Reading (still don't know how to implement this last part)

You may notice that I didn't list Literature selections. That's because this year, I'm taking a new approach and not doing a formal list for each of the kids. I have tons of lists (of course! LOL) of great literature and I'm going to be a little more flexible this year. I will start the year with a particular book I think each child will like, and then we'll just go from there! :)

So there we go! I will try to go into more detail with our daily schedule tomorrow... wish I could figure out how to turn a spreadsheet into a picture! ;)


poohder said...

Yay Jen! It seems like your year is going to be great. I can totally tell you are being mindful of the kids development. I think this will be easier on you too. Love it! Rhonda
PS Spelling Wisdom can be broken down if the passages are too long. I have done that quite a bit. Feeling competent is the key!

Chef Penny said...

Does Austin already like to write? Logan hates it so we have just started written narration with just one sentence. Looks like you planned everything out.

Lisa said...

Emily will be doing General Science too. David didn't do it, so it's new to me.

Is that Sailing Around the World alone about the homeschooled kid who just did that? If it isn't, you may want to look for his book/blog/etc...

Being flexible with the literature will be different for you, but I think you'll like it! Works well for us.

The Glasers said...

Praying for a LOVELY year!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, your poor, poor children. They have a rough road ahead, and I feel for them.

Kai said...

What's with that anonymous person? I think you've done a fabulous job!

The Glasers said...

I think the Sailing around the World Alone book sounds very cool! I really want to keep up Latin just on my own for the fun of it. David is taking Spanish I though and I am trying to keep up with him. We loved Minn of the Mississippi--we actually went to Lake Itasca and had our pictures taken at the monument that is in the Minn book. How fun!

I think your kids are going to have a GREAT year and that anonymous person who does not have the courage to post in the light of day must not know how to have an original thought nor how to share a love of good books with children.

SHANNA said...

if i home schooled, i would want to be just like you! you are amazing.... and by the way, your kids are very lucky to have such a dedicated, organized, and involved mom!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

you are amazing!!! we are doing the same approach w/ literature...although i may start w/ paddle to the sea ;) we started homer price and i left it down somewhere! can't find it! but i love that freedom. you can start and even not finish if it doesn't work for you. we are doing the same approach for spelling for Andrew...see what comes up.
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