Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our Academic Plans 2009-2010

I've agonized over this post for much of the last two weeks. That's why I've been quiet on my blog - didn't feel the need to put those of you who are nice enough to read my blog through my waffling! :) In the end, however, I decided to stick with the plan I originally designed a couple of months ago, which is Charlotte Mason/Ambleside inspired.

Austin will be using a modified Year 4/5, which will cover the early modern time period up through about the Civil War. His literature reading will include Treasure Island, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and Captains Courageous. His biography reading will include Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, Johnny Tremain, and Of Courage Undaunted. Science biographies will be Isaac Newton, Alexander Graham Bell, and George Washington Carver. Geography will be reading A Child's Geography of the World by Hillyer, and then comparing the locations on modern maps and the globe. For science, he will use Apologia's General Science curriculum. He will begin Analytical Grammar. In math, he will finish Math U See Epsilon and work in Zeta at his pace. For a fun introduction to logic, he will use Logic Countdown. Copywork, Dictation, and Oral and Written narration will round out Language Arts.

Riley will be using a modified Year 4, which will cover the colonial/revolutionary period of American History. Her literature reading will include Robinson Crusoe, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Sleepy Hollow, and Rip Van Winkle. Her biography reading will include Poor Richard and Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution. She will read the same science biographies as Austin. Geography will include reading Minn of the Mississippi, and using maps and the globe. For science, she will learn about chemistry through reading Exploring the World of Chemistry and The Mystery of the Periodic Table. She will also complete experiments using a middle grades experiment kit. In math, she will complete Singapore Math 4B/5A, and perhaps begin 5B. She'll begin critical thinking using Mindbenders puzzles. Copywork, Dictation, and Oral and Written narration will round out Language Arts.

Reece will be using Year 1 as written, but I will adjust the pace to meet her needs. Her focus will be on biographies and famous legends. I will read all of her literature aloud. For reading, she will read from the Sonlight readers lists, Pathways readers, and anything else she wants to. For math, we will continue to work through Math U See Alpha and hopefully will begin Beta. Copywork will round out her language arts.

We will still do several subjects as a family. Our composer study will include Handel, Mozart, and Beethoven. Our artist study is driven by the local art museum, and will include Monet, DaVinci, and Michaelangelo. I plan to supplement artist study with readings from A History of Art: Painting by Hillyer. Our nature study will focus on reptiles, fish/amphibians, and mammals. Hymn study will continue by working through the WOW! Hymns CD. Character building will be with the book Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. Poetry will use the book Favorite Poems Old and New for the big kids, and A Child's Garden of Verses/Favorite Poems of Childhood for Reece.

I am planning to begin our study of Plutarch's Lives, using a children's version. And we will tackle Shakespeare through Reece's readings in Tales from Shakespeare. I will also read aloud a more difficult book from Riley's year called Age of Fable, which includes tales from mythology (a favorite in our home!).

We will continue in our Latin studies, though I haven't finalized those plans yet.

I think I covered it all! Leave a comment if I've left something off! :)


poohder said...

Leave anything OFF?? LOL! Your plans are WAY more extensive than anything I'LL be planning. WE just cannot bite off that much. Oh... actually did you mention scripture or bible study? Because I know in the past you had a scripture study/memorization plan. You do such a great job BTW with planning and giving your children such a well rounded education. Honestly all I can do and do relatively well is the three R's and Bible study. Great job with the plan! Rhonda

Niffercoo said...

Oh yes... we'll do our scripture memory box and I read the Bible daily. It's just not something I think of much as "school" but rather just life! :)

And thank you for the compliments! I get so wrapped up in worrying about output sometimes, that it makes me feel like we're not doing nearly enough. And because I'm a box-checker trying to use a relational approach, it's painful sometimes! LOL

Sadie said...

Goodness gracious!

Chef Penny said...

WOW! I think I need to go look at my plans again because we are not doing half as much as you are!

Niffercoo said...

Maybe I should list our schedule in my next blog post! ;)

It seems like a lot, but remember that many of these subjects are done once per week (artist/composer study, logic, geography to name a few). Others are done 2 or 3 days per week. About the only things that are done 4-5 days per week are math and some sort of reading (being literature, biography, and this year history). Austin will have to do science 4-5 days this year because I think he will do better with smaller chunks to absorb.

Don't let this post be a reason to question what you're doing for your family. Remember, this is our 8th year of homeschooling. And y'all do RDI much better than we do... if we compared our RDI objectives (or general understanding), I'd look pretty pathetic! ;)

Chef Penny said...

I would absolutely love to see your schedule! Thanks Jen!