Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a couple of days!!

I love to blog experiences like we've had the last couple of days! I like to note these developmental milestones, and it's encouraging to read it when the days get hard!

Yesterday we went to the pool with some friends. That's not unusual for this time of year, but this was the pool where Austin had his first seizure last summer. And we haven't been back there since. And we hadn't seen these particular friends since that day, either. Austin was a little apprehensive. He'd also had a big night the day before (back-to-back games in the All Star tournament!) and we hadn't gotten home until 11:30 PM. He did hang out by himself a good bit, but that was OK. Riley kept the other "big kid" sufficiently busy! And Austin did play the "shark" in the game of Shark.

When it was almost time to go, the other family invited us to get Frosty's from Wendy's with them. I had already mentioned to Austin that we could stay for 30 more minutes. But the girls wanted to leave now and get Frosty's. Over a couple of minutes, Riley and Austin worked out a compromise of 15 more minutes of swim and then Frosty's. No meltdowns... lots of flexibility!

Then as we were walking into Wendy's, Austin says, "You know, Mom, I don't actually like Frosty's." I was shocked! For one thing, I get us Frosty's all the time because they are cheap! No wonder Austin never finishes his!! LOL And for another thing... my gosh, he told me that he didn't like something! I told him he could always get something else. "Fries?" he asks. "Sure," I reply, "Want a Dr. Pepper to go with that?" He did!! I was SO proud of him!!

Today, as if all the excitment of yesterday wasn't enough, Austin decided to surprise us again: he asked to go to Youth Group!!! He went, and he had a blast! They played Whiffle Ball, and his first at-bat he hit a homerun over the Youth Pastor's house!!

Not to be outdone, Reece had a great day at the pool yesterday, too. The little sister in the family we met is only a few weeks younger than Reece, but she's incredibly advanced socially/academically. She's always been very kind to Reece, but she's had to do most of the work. Yesterday, Reece really stayed "with" her at this noisy water-park-like pool, for at least 90 minutes. I watched with glee as Reece and F enjoyed a snack together and talked to each other. And then I was positively giddy when the girls were going back into the pool. Reece ran in once, and came back when she realized that F hadn't followed. This happened 2 more times - F was having goggles issues. Then as they were finally going in, Reece wanted to show F the geysers and how fun they are. But F didn't like the geysers and motioned to come on. (It's so loud there that talking doesn't do much good! LOL) Reece was fascinated with the geysers, but left them to go play with F again!! And thankfully F's mom has listened to me talk about RDI enough so she "got" the significance! It wasn't until the last 20 minues or so that the other girl had a harder time getting Reece to respond. But I think that was really good, considering the outside sensory stimuli that was surrounding her!

It's so nice to get a couple of days like these! It also serves as a reminder to me to be actively looking for these moments!


Lisa said...

That is a whole bunch of Good Stuff!!! I am glad you blogged it!

poohder said...

YAY!!! What a blessing and encouragement. It's funny, the pool has been the place where I noticed many gains also. Maybe it's because as parents,we are slowed down enough to notice. Thanks for sharing Rhonda

Sadie said...

Excellent, excellent, and excellent! :)

The Glasers said...

You do so much with and for your kids! How delightful to be able to see the fruit of your efforts from time to time!