Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sun and Fun

While I was finishing getting things ready for Sun and Fun for the coming months, I thought I'd take a few pictures and explain with a little more detail what we do!

Here are the kids' folders for Sun and Fun. These list their requirements to earn a Sun, and on what they can spend their Suns:
The big kids each have to read for at least 30 minutes. Reece has to read with me. Austin has to do a page in his Math U See Epsilon book that he didn't finish during the school year. Riley has to do a math drill or math slip (See Below). Reece has to play a math game with one of us.

Here are our Suns:
Aren't they as cute as can be? My mom traced, cut, and drew the faces on them! She made well over 100 of them! If you don't happen to have a "Super Nana", you can do what I did before she made them: I found Sun stickers at the teacher supply store and put them on a calendar page printed from

Here is an example of Riley's "math slips". It consists of problems printed using the Math U See worksheet generator (cut into lines of 2 or 3) in addition to a word problem taken from the Singapore Math Challenging Word Problem book in the level BELOW the level she just finished.
I staple them together and she pulls one out of the envelope. Austin did this last year and it was very effective:
Or she can choose a drill sheet of 100 multiplication or division problems:
This particular page is from when we used Calvert Math, but there are drill sheet generators all over the internet! This one is my particular favorite.

Here is a sampling of the prizes the kids can earn:
30 min. computer time 2 suns
Bruster's Ice Cream
5 suns
$5 Publix gift card
5 suns
Video Game Rental
7 suns
Gwinnett Braves ticket 15 suns
"Get out of lessons" pass 20 suns
Littlest Pet Shop Pet
3 suns
A new book from Borders 4 suns
Bowling or Skating with mom or dad 15 suns
$5 Hobby Lobby trip
5 suns

Email me if you're interested in the full lists!

So that's basically Sun and Fun! This is our 5th year doing it, and it's changed a little as the kids have gotten older, but basically it's math and reading. One year we also wrote in journals, which was fun, too. If you have any questions, please leave a comment!


Lisa said...

I definitely want the full list! From this point on, my evening is all about Sun and Fun. (I hope you don't mind me copying it!)

poohder said...

OK Jennifer, this is great! Send it to me too Please. Thanks Rhonda

Lisa said...

I wanna know how you choose the reward prices. I have an idea in my head about how I am going to do it, but I want to know how you did.

Niffercoo said...

Lisa and Rhonda, I sent you the complete list in email.

As for the prices, it's completely random. The kids usually have 8 weeks of Sun and Fun so I wanted them to be able to get 2 of the higher items if they wanted... but this year they will have 11 because we're not going to start lessons until after Labor Day. The more expensive items naturally cost more suns, but it doesn't follow a set pattern (like $1 per sun or something).

Is that what you mean?

Niffercoo said...

And feel free to copy! I got the concept of "Sun and Fun" from somewhere else 5 years ago! :) I wish I could remember where! LOL

Sadie said...

I'm stingy, LOL

The kids have to do 2 workbook pages and read for 30 minutes every weekday ~ after they do it for 15 days, they earn a trip to McDonald's for a dollar sundae! ;)

I may make a list of other stuff they can earn for bonus stuff, like journal writing and stuff. I'll think on it next week!

Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

ah here is your last year post with this info :)

Lisa said...

This is a great idea! Queen Mum showed me her list and I followed her post to yours. I think a lot of home school families will like this idea.

I have some ideas that you can add to your Fun and Sun list under Summer (School)

Have a great summer!