Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly Preview (5/11-5/17)

This is quite possibly our busiest week of the year! Here's what we are looking forward to:

Monday - lessons, jogging, Riley's tap class, Austin's baseball game

Tuesday - lessons, jogging, Riley's ballet and jazz classes, my book club

Wednesday - lessons, field trip

Thursday - lessons, jogging, Reece's ballet class, dh's gig rehearsal

Friday - lessons, Austin's baseball game, (jogging after the game, hopefully)

Saturday - dress rehearsal, Austin's baseball game, (jogging if it didn't happen Friday)

Sunday - 2 dance recitals, dh's out-of-town gig

And then next Monday is Austin's 13th birthday!

WOW! That's a lot! :) I wish things could be spread out a little bit! Oh well, we do this every year and every year we survive! Check back next week for pictures!

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