Friday, May 29, 2009

Our last full week!!

This was our last full week of this school year! We wrapped up our Spanish lessons and our history book. Riley finished her math book as well!

Now we move on to "Sun and Fun"! Each day this summer that the kids don't have a camp/VBS, they are responsible for reading and math. Austin and Riley each have a literature book to wrap up as well. Each day they get a "sun" for doing their work, and they can trade in the suns for various things. Last year it was Webkins and Littlest Pet Shop for the Reece, Ice Cream and Earrings for Riley, and 12 packs of Soda for Austin! I'm not sure what will be on the list for this summer yet, but I will spend next week working on that!

Next week, Austin has day camp for middle schoolers through the local Autism support group. He's never done this before, and I'm a little nervous about it. The girls have VBS at the church where Reece went to preschool (where our family has done VBS for the last 9 years). I'll have my mornings to myself! I wonder what I'll do with my time?! :)


Lisa said...

12 packs of pop are a great teenage incentive! I may have to steal that!

poohder said...

I don't usually do "incentives", but I actually think I might try your idea this summer. I really need to get my one dd to do more reading and typing this summer. I think she would appreciate the "gifts" and I wouldn't have to be pushing her all the time. How many suns must your childrenearn before getting their prize? I don't want to be too generous or stingy LOL! Rhonda

Niffercoo said...

Rhonda, I usually try to have one "big" prize that takes a few weeks to save up for, a couple that would take a week to save for, and a couple that would take 2-3 days. I also offer a "get out of lessons for one day" pass, but it costs 20 suns (that's about a month!), but nobody has ever saved up for that one! Ice cream at Brusters (our favorite expensive place) costs 5 suns. I think the 12 pack of soda was 10 suns. 30 extra minutes of screen time was 2 suns. A Webkinz was 15 suns. Part of the goal for me was to also show them that sometimes you have to skip over the smaller incentive to save for something they really want. They don't get much opportunity for to learn that with their very generous Nana! ;)

We've been doing Sun and Fun for a bunch of years, so my kids are pretty used to it. You might need to start off with faster rewards to get them really into it! I'll try to post my details next week when the kids are at camp/VBS.

poohder said...

Thanks for posting this! I look forward to your Sun and Fun details