Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reece's narration

After Reece read a story from her reading book today, I asked for a narration. She turned the tables on me and asked me if I could type it out for her while she narrated. This is something she's seen me do with Austin and Riley a bunch, so I guess it doesn't surprise me that she would want to do it!

Unlike Austin and Riley, Reece has had the benefit of my better understanding of the narration process. With the big kids, I treated narration as a "test" of their comprehension. If they didn't give me the facts from the passage, I would prompt them and interrupt them until they gave me what I wanted to hear. As a result, narration ceased being an enjoyable time of sharing and became and anxiety-ridden experience. It was miserable for all of us. And it has taken a couple of years to overcome those memories, especially for Austin. He is not as hesitant with narration, but it doesn't flow out of him like when he's narrating a Nascar race or a baseball game (examples I use to show him how great of a narrator he is, when he is criticizing his lack of remembering what he thinks I want him to remember).

I wanted to share Reece's first narration that she had me type for her! It's very flowing, and not only does it hit the facts of the story, she ties it in to her own personal life! (And she added the last line with a huge grin on her face... she thinks she's quite funny! She said it sounds like she's an audiobook!)

“We want a dog.” from Days Go By.

The story that was called “We want a dog” was just like Riley. She wants a dog so badly. Days Go By is a good story. There was one story where Rachel wasn’t getting along with Susan. And the next story is called “Just one dog.” I wonder what that’s going to be like. I hope it’s very, very good.

So the story about them is this: All of them want a different kind of dog. Peter wanted a big dog that will pull his wagon and him. Andrew wanted a small dog that will play with him. And Rachel wanted a dog that is brown and white that will walk to her in the house. But their dad said, “Just one dog,” which is the next story.

And here are the other words: Peter said in the story, “I can have a big dog that will pull my wagon and me. And Andrew can have a little dog that can play with him.” I’m the narration girl and my name is Reece. Thank you for listening to this.

Personally, I think it's pretty special! :) I may be biased!


Lisa said...

Love it! Great job, Reece! (And you too, Jennifer!)

Sadie said...

Very sweet!! (get her a dog already!)

Chef Penny said...

Woohoo! Go Reece and Mom!

poohder said...

This gave me a huge smile! Thanks