Monday, May 25, 2009

The last week of May!

It's hard to believe this month is nearly over! And with it, the majority of our lessons will be over for the year! We have one more chapter of history and one more Spanish lesson. We are taking a hiatus from Latin and will resume it in the fall. Riley finished her science book last week, but Austin still has another couple of lessons before he is done with his. Riley will finish her math book tomorrow, and she'll work on math application for the summer. Austin and Reece will continue to work through their math books this summer - Austin has 6-7 lessons left (each take a week or so, depending on how he understands the material), and Reece has a lot of lessons left in hers, but that's OK.

During the summer, we will continue reading and math. I've already explained our plans for math. For reading, Riley is finishing up Black Beauty, and then I will allow her to pick her summer reading (within reason LOL). Austin just started a version of King Arthur written by Roger Lancelyn Green, and I expect that to take him awhile to complete. Reece is reading in her Pathways Reader, but I will also get some easy reading books out for her.

June will be filled with camps and VBS, and All-Stars for Austin. Austin is also going on a fishing trip with daddy, papa, and a friend and his dad in June. July is much more relaxed! The only thing we have planned is VBS at our own church, but that will take place in the evenings. I'm hoping we'll spend July and August at the pool!

I'm considering making our first "official" day of lessons this year to be in September. With June as busy as it is, and the pools being open and nearly empty in August after the schools start back, it doesn't make sense to start in August like we usually do! But that totally goes against the grain... against the norm... can I do it?? :)

I guess that remains to be seen! LOL It's been hard enough to plan next year's lessons going against the grain... I'm too much of an 'in the box' thinker! I'm working hard on that, though!


Sadie said...

Start after Labor day. :) It's worth it!

Lisa said...

I'm with Sadie!

poohder said...

I ditto the rest of the gals! Rhonda