Monday, May 11, 2009

Austin's 1st Written Narration

Today, after 18 months of practicing oral narration, I decided to have Austin do his first ever written narration. He is using Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin for his narration practice. These are short, simple stories about famous people or events, and I find they are very conducive to narration. Today's story was Bruce and the Spider. His narration follows, with his exact spelling and punctuation. (He wrote it in cursive)

There was once a king of Scotland named Bruce. Bruce was in troble because he was at war with England. One day Bruce was under a shed when he saw a spider trying to spin a web. He saw that it failed six times but then on the seventh try it succseeded. Then he thought I will try a seventh try, and he did and won the war.

I am very pleased with this first attempt!! We won't be correcting the spelling or punctuation on this first effort, but it gives me ideas of things to work with in his copywork and dictation! In the future, once he has a couple of years of written narration under his belt, we'll edit, revise, and improve one of these written narrations every few weeks. For now, I'm just pleased to see him get words and ideas onto paper!


JamBerry said...

That's really fabulous! Great continuity! Well done, Austin (and Jen too!)

poohder said...

Jen, I think Austin did VERY well.
I will be posting some of my dd's writing at the end of the week too. Stay tuned LOL. Rhonda

The Glasers said...

That is a terrific narration! You must be thrilled!!!!!