Friday, March 06, 2009

Weekly Review: 3/2-6

Ahhh, our last week before spring break! And what a crazy week it was in the weather! Monday we had snow... today it's close to 70!!

Literature: Austin read in the 6th grade Pathways Reader since I didn't see any purpose in starting a new book right before spring break; Riley continued to listen to Anne of Green Gables; Reece continued to read Little Bear

Math: Riley converted improper fractions to whole numbers and back again; Reece started on the +8 facts; Austin took a math test and got an 88 (adding mixed numbers).

Grammar: Austin took the test covering Predicate Nominatives/Adjectives; Riley learned how to diagram sentences with contractions

History: We learned about the Wars of the Roses. A side note here - I talk about Twilight way too much. When the kids heard "Edward IV" in the history chapter they all swooned, "Edward!" LOL (Edited to add: Austin would like me to make sure you all know that he did not swoon. LOL)

Science: Riley learned about snakes; Austin learned about something that I can't remember right now! Oops!

Spanish: We completed lesson 12 which introduced "La Familia"

We started a new character trait -Obedience- which does not get a warm reception! And our hymn for the month of March is I Surrender All. This was our last week in the term, so after Spring Break we'll begin a new composer, artist, and poet. We'll also jump back into Nature Study as the world around us is coming into bloom!

I won't have internet access during spring break, but I'll post when we return! Have a great week!


Lisa said...

LOL about King Edward and about the reaction to Obedience.

Sadie said...

Ditto on the LOLs! ;)

Sadie said...

I have an award for you over at my blog!