Monday, March 02, 2009

Weekly Review: 2/23-2/27

Better late than on time, huh? ;)

Last week ended in a frenzy of "Nana Birthday", Monster Jam, and a snow storm! I wanted to hit upon a couple of highlights at least!

Austin finished reading/listening to Robinson Crusoe. He did a narration for it and I was very pleased. He started with the beginning of the story (which he started back in November - I had to look that up! LOL), included a bit from the middle, and then the end. Now, it wasn't a very long or detailed narration, but I'm SO pleased. Ordering his thoughts has always been a struggle for him. I feel like this narration was an indicator of progress. Riley's still doing Anne of Green Gables, and Reece began reading Little Bear.

Austin had a math test and scored a 96, began a new lesson and jumped straight into the review since it was fairly easy. Riley reviewed the chapter on addition/subtraction of fractions. Reece is wrapping up +9.

In history, we had quite an exciting day on Friday. We were learning about the Hundred Years' War, and all of the kids really seemed to enjoy learning about it. Riley drew a picture on the chalkboard illustrating what we learned - it reminded me of a political cartoon! When my parents arrived that night, everyone rushed to tell them all about Henry V and the tennis ball insult! That made me feel great! I love it when stuff like that happens right about the time I feel like throwing up my hands and ordering textbooks for everyone.

Reece finished Explode the Code 1! She wanted ice cream to celebrate! ;)

That's the highlights! Hope everyone had a nice week/weekend!

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